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221 | Hope DesRoche | Powerful Habits of Top Performers that Make Them Shine Out

March 23, 2021

How do top performers get the slight edge that catapults them miles ahead of the competition?

On today’s show, we interview student painter, Hope DesRoche who shares with her distilled wisdom on excellence, confidence, and leadership. As of now, Hope has booked orders worth $500,000 and is on track to break the all-time record held by the incredible Amir Abu Shakra.

Before Student Works, admittedly Hope was frustrated living the life of a “typical twenty-year-old”. So, when she came across the Student Works opportunity, Hope was immediately stoked at the idea of embarking on an adventure.

Needless to say, when she signed up for Student Works, she had set big goals for herself. And even the pandemic could not deter her. Staying in a bubble meant working without a district manager. But we improvised with virtual support to ensure that Hope remained on track.

Speaking from her experience of running a painting business, Hope shares the importance of balancing optimism with realism. As entrepreneurs, we always see the glass as half full and have extreme confidence in our abilities. 

However, a dose of realism can act as a safety net so that you can tide over difficult times.

Towards the end of the show, Hope shares some critical habits that are commonly found in leaders and top performers. Specifically, you will learn the importance of owning up to your bad habits and continuous improvement.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Learning to step into the unknown
  • Goal-setting and other habits of top performers
  • Balancing optimism with realism
  • And so much more…


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