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133 | Pat Dubreuil | Being Innovative During A Time Of Crisis

April 24, 2020

In today’s show, Chris interviews Pat Dubreuil, Vice President Community & First Nation Engagement at Manitou Gold Inc 

We start this show with Pat recalling his pre-Student Works day. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Pat always had a big engine for work and a propensity for adventure. He shares that a proven and simple business model attracted him to join Student Works in the first place. 

Pat is a serial entrepreneur with interests in mining, hospitality, and medical equipment. 

One of Pat’s first entrepreneurial ventures was back in the year 2000 when he partnered up with his dad to invest in Magpie Relay Motel & Resort. Pat shares that he had a clear exit strategy in mind BEFORE investing in this business.  

As per his plan, Pat sold off his business in 2005 at an attractive valuation. The subsequent owner ran this business to the ground, and Pat bought this business back in 2014 at 10 cents on the dollar! 

Next, Pat shares how he set up his enormous mining business. 

Pat is the Vice President of Manitou Gold Inc., a gold exploration company that holds 22,500 hectares of land near the town of Dubreuilville, Pat’s hometown. This segment of the show is particularly interesting as Pat shares how he built up his mining business from scratch in a very strategic manner. Pat reveals how he learned the ropes of the mining business, the important systems and processes by working in some of the best and largest organizations before venturing out on his own. 

In a bid to do his bit for fighting COVID-19, Pat has come up with an ingenious solution – mobile decontamination rooms for PPE equipment. As the entire world faces an acute shortage of PPE and other medical equipment, listeners will learn how the use of these mobile units can help immensely. 

This show is peppered with some great nuggets for young and aspiring entrepreneurs. Topics discussed include transitioning from one business to another, navigating the complexities of a business partnership, and the importance of systems and processes.  



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